ColdFire® Product Specifications

  • UL Classified # 2N75 for Class A & B Fires. (will extinguish class A, B, D & K)
  • EPA   SNAP
    HMIS rating  0,0,0
    100% Biodegradable & water soluble
  • UNLIMITED SHELF LIFE  (can be exposed to air, heat and cold multiple times with no harm)
  • Will not GEL, unless used with pond water or mixed with other foams, FLUSHING is then required
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Corrosive (The water is corrosive)
  • Non-Slip
  • Self-healing where class B fires are present
  • Absorbs 10x the BTU’s of water alone
  • Has 6x the penetrating capability of water
  • Will cool all metals in seconds.
  • Have a product that will not freeze
  • Will assist in remediate spills.
  • With favorable weather conditions will biodegrade in 30 days or less
  • Cold Fire surpasses other products on the US Forestry – Qualified Product List (QPL) in terms of Health & Safety Hazards Restrictions (April 2005)
  • Tested according to NFPA 18 standards
  • Can be applied by Helicopters with Bambi buckets, or used on tanker fires and all fuel and metal fires
  • Cold Fire has been tested successfully under the purview of MTDC (Missoula, Montana) for surface and intergranular corrosion of aluminum
    This feature is important when using this product for aerial applications

Class A     .5  to   2%
Class B      2  to   4%
Class D      6  to 10%
Application Pressure
Nozzle    100 to 110 psi
Pump      150 to 175 psi

The ColdFire® Story

All about ColdFire® - the development, testing, and science behind this amazing firefighting product.

by Dr. Addison Bain, Ph.D

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The many applications for Cold Fire®

Federal, State, City & Local Fire, EMS, and Police Departments
Military/Air Force/Government
Port Authorities
Transportation Agencies
Aviation & Marine Industry
Manufacturing Facilities
Trade Industry - Plumbing, Welding, Roofing
Automobile Manufacturing/Industry
Industrial Corporations
Power Plants and Utilities
Motorized Racing Industry

Foundry Facilities
Correctional Facilities
Security Industry
Paper & Textile Industry
Mining Industry
Oil Refineries / Petrochemical
Steel Industry
Metal Manufacturing
Coal Mining Industry

Fire Block Flame Retardant

Fire Block is an environmentally friendly fire retardant which is used to retard fire development in all Class A materials.  It is plant based and non-toxic and contains no PBDE’s or neurotoxins. It is ASTM-approved.

Use on:
Drapes, Carpets and Bedspreads
Even mix it with Latex Paint!

It is safe enough that it can be applied while people are present.  It does not stain or coat materials but rather absorbs into the material. It will remain effective until it is washed out. Great addition to PM programs.

This product is an excellent choice for application in skilled nursing as well as assisted living facilities

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